Koenigs Road

It's not often that a Long Island native can give the Nashville boys a run for their money. But, Koenig's Road delivers that— and more—with songs that are destined to stand the test of time. From "Love Supermarket" to "Looking for Mr. Goodbye" to "Sweet Thang" to "Best Things in Life," Koenig's Road lives up to its reputation as The Best Damn Country North of Nashville™.  

Lead singer Bob Koenig, a seasoned singer/songwriter rooted in the power-pop era of the 1980s, has amassed a fan base in the physical world and in the virtual realm—a wide demographic that spans elementary school-aged kids to octogenarians.  The secret to that wide market appeal is Koenig's Road's classic country roots blended with twists of rock and power pop and backed by a kinetic songwriting team and rustically-slick production.

"This is really damn good." ~ Radio host Rob Leonard, following the premier of Koenig's Road's "Love Supermarket" on 90.3 WHPC-FM on Sunday, October 6, 2013.

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